Professional Highlights

The following summarizes Rosemary Frank's professional qualifications to support your divorce attorney and help you with the finances of your divorce:

  • One of the longest practicing divorce financial professionals in Tennessee; practice is nationwide
  • First in the Nation to earn three certifications in the specialty of divorce finance
  • One of first in Nation to earn (fourth) certification of Advanced Divorce Financial Analyst
  • Awarded the designation of Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Awarded the designation of Master Analyst in Financial Forensics
  • Qualified to provide divorce financial support and expert witness testimony in traditional litigation divorce process
  • Qualified to practice as a financial neutral in collaborative divorce
  • Approved by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission of the Tennessee Supreme Court as a Rule 31 Listed Family Mediator, Specially Trained in Domestic Violence.
  • Experienced in high net worth divorce situations
  • Experienced in highly contested divorce and/or domestic abuse situations
  • Long-time Board of Directors, Founding Director of TN Chapter, Association of Divorce Financial Planners, oldest/largest non-profit association for divorce financial professionals
  • Regularly contributes, at the national level, to the development of professional policies, procedures, and standards of practice for divorce financial practitioners
  • Selected to serve on a national panel of twelve practitioners, from over 3,000 certificants, for a professional Job Task Analysis Study; service on a second panel, as a Subject Matter Expert, focused on the accreditation and certification of divorce financial practitioners
  • Frequent public speaker, author, and thought leader on the finances of divorce
  • Repeat presenter at annual conferences of Association of Divorce Financial Planners
  • Author and presenter of several Continuing Legal Education courses for attorneys and mediators on the financial issues of divorce
  • Repeat presenter of Continuing Legal Education sponsored by Nashville Bar Association
  • Maintains professional relationships with many highly respected divorce attorneys, counselors, therapists, child specialists and other divorce professionals
  • Over thirty years of business, financial and professional experience

Professional Memberships

  • Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts
  • Financial Planning Association, Knowledge Circle Co-Host, Tax Strategies
  • Association of Divorce Financial Planners, Board of Directors, TN Chapter Director
  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts
  • American Bar Association (Associate Member, Family Law Section)
  • International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
  • Tennessee Association For Professional Mediators
  • Association of Continuing Legal Education



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Choosing an Attorney

I am often asked for attorney referrals by potential clients embarking on the divorce process. My usual response is that I am better able to make referrals after meeting with you, understanding something about your situation, what you prefer in the way an attorney will represent you, and getting to know you is a limited way. Even after all that, I will provide at least three names of attorneys for you to interview, assess and make your own best decision. An attorney is not a commodity. This is...

Preparing for Divorce

You have decided this divorce needs to happen. Now what do you do? Prepare yourself. The following are some steps to take before you pull the trigger and set things in motion. Take care of deferred needs like dental work, new eye glasses, replace the tires, fix the roof, etc. Money is going to get tight, real soon, so better to know these things are taken care of. On the other hand, you will need to save some cash for the expenses of the divorce process:  hiring professionals like a financial...

Your Financial Advisor's Role in Your Divorce

What assistance can you expect from your current financial planner or advisor during your divorce? The short answer is "None." Your divorce presents a clear ethical dilemma and/or conflict of interest for your current financial professional. They must simply "sit it out," wait for the divorce to be finalized, then resume services, if you wish them to do so.  Whether they realize this, or acknowledge as much, is up to them. However, this message is to help you make more informed decisions regarding...